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Membership is open to all qualified lawyers who have established a set level of experience and expertise in advising on the legal issues which affect the older client .

The benefits of membership include;

  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • News on current developments
  • Frequently updated, topical website
  • Regular seminars
  • Discussion forum
  • Access to SFE members database
  • Diary of SFE events

Lawyers applying for membership will need to complete the application form which can be accessed and completed on line. Members currently contribute €150 per annum to SFE Ireland.

The members area can be accessed though the link at the bottom right of the page 

Criteria for Membership
Membership Application
Search for Members of SFEI

Click here for the main SFE website in UK. Please note that Irish sections will be created in due course. Until then practitioners and the public should be aware that references to law on the website are to the law applicable to the UK only.
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