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Code of Practice

Solicitors for the Elderly Ireland is a national organisation of lawyers, such as solicitors, barristers, and legal executives who are committed to providing the highest quality of legal advice for older and vulnerable people, their families and carers.  Our members must have spent a substantial amount of their time working for older and vulnerable clients and have to fulfil our own criteria for membership. We work in close co-operation with our colleages in SFE in the UK 

SFEI have established this Code of Practice for our members to follow, when advising older and vulnerable clients so that their clients know what to expect of the service provided.

Members will provide details of the firm’s basis of charging, including giving estimates for costs of work to be undertaken, and where appropriate work on a fixed fee basis.  This information will be confirmed in writing at the time instructions are taken or as soon as possible thereafter.

  1. The member’s firm will operate their own complaints procedure and this will be given to the client at the time as details as to costs.
  2. Members will endeavour to follow a plain English policy and communicate in easy, understandable language, avoiding legal terminology unless necessary.
  3. Members are aware of potential hearing and visual difficulties and take this into account when communicating, for example correspondence and documents can be produced in large print or Braille.
  4. Members will try to ensure ease of access and parking for less mobile clients.
  5. Where appropriate, members will offer home visits as an alternative to a visit to the office.  Any arrangement will be at a mutually agreed time and cost.
  6. In the interest of the client’s personal security, members will operate appropriate measures, such as identification passes or passwords.
  7. All clients will be treated with dignity and respect, in a manner which is sensitive to the situation.
  8. Members will ensure all practicable steps are taken to maximise decision making potential, particularly for those who may be compromised by physical, emotional and mental difficulties

Click here for the main SFE website in UK. Please note that Irish sections will be created in due course. Until then practitioners and the public should be aware that references to law on the website are to the law applicable to the UK only.
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